passionate about tacos and tangible results. 

I've served on a marketing team comprised of two bodies and I've contributed to an award-winning team of 30+ individuals. I've conceptualized impactful messages in the SaaS, B2B security awareness space all the way over to the B2C, print publication space, becoming a Jill of all Trades on digital marketing, go-to-market strategies, content creation, social media lead nurturing, sales enablement, and so on.

What have I learned along the way? You need to be able to communicate to your own teams - from graphic designer to in-house SMEs - just as well as you can to your customers. Passion takes you to the starting line. It's the drive to work cross-functionally that gets you a ribbon in the race.

To get a taste of what I do best, browse my portfolio or if you'd like to discuss opportunities, drop in a line below to connect. 

Marketing magic.
Let's make it happen.

-Catherine Boyd

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